• Assemblyman Jay Obernolte:  https://ad33.asmrc.org/
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  • County Supervisor Lovingood:


    Race Communications has been awarded a $9 million grant to complete the Gigafy Phelan Project and expand fiber deployment to unserved areas of the community.

    “This is outstanding news that will bring high-speed internet service to thousands of homes in the Phelan area,” Supervisor Lovingood said.

    In 2017, the California Public Utilities Commission approved Race Communications’ grant application to expand Internet service in the Phelan area; but unexpected cost increases prevented coverage in some areas. In addition to the supplemental grant, Race has put in their own matching investment funds. Once complete, the project will extend gigabit-capable high-speed internet service to an estimated 7,606 households in the communities of Phelan, Pinon Hills, Oak Hills, and parts of Hesperia.

    Mental Health Crisis Intervention Forum planned Nov. 7


    Do you know what to do in a mental health crisis? Or where to go for help? During a Mental Health Crisis Intervention Forum on Nov. 7, hear from law enforcement, county behavioral health and others who will share their personal experiences for achieving the best outcomes. Attendees will learn prevention and early interventions, how to recognize signs, make a plan, and where and how to access the right care. The Mental Health Crisis Intervention Forum is planned 5 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 16138 Molino Dr. in Victorville. Please visit www.pmhsworkforce.org and click the “EVENTS/TRAINING” tab to RSVP. Gift bags will be given to the first 50 people who RSVP and attend). Refreshments will be served.

    Thank goodness!


    Median household income adjusted for inflation was around $25,000 per year during the 1950s. It's nearly double that amount today. We have nostalgia about the prosperity of the 1950s because our definition of what counts as "middle class" has been inflated -- including the 34% rise in the size of the median American home in just the past 25 years. If you dig into how the average "prosperous" American family lived in the 1950s, you'll find a standard of living we'd call "poverty" today.

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  • CalChamber: 

    These bills all focus on harassment and discrimination. All three bills are essentially repeats from last year, so CalChamber's positions are the same. B
    • AB 9 is nearly verbatim of AB 1870 from last year. AB 9 extends the statute of limitations from one year to three years for all employment related discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). As you know, harassment is a very politically sensitive topic. That is why we decided last year to take an oppose unless amended position with the ask that the bill be limited to sexual harassment, since that was the impetus for the bill. Additionally, we requested that the bill explicitly address retroactivity. Those same concerns and requests are reflected in this letter. AB 9 - Employment discrimination: limitation of actions - Reyes
    • AB 3081 from last year was considered the author's omnibus sexual harassment bill. This year, the author basically took two of the three major provisions of AB 3081 and placed them into AB 170and AB 171. We opposed AB 3081. The letters provide the explicit detail for these decisions, but ultimately it comes down to duplication in the labor code for protections already provided in the Government Code to simply expand liability. 
    • Also, Assembly member Gonzalez has re-introduced the same, identical bill as AB 3080 last year, that sought to ban arbitration agreements for labor and employment disputes.  The bill, AB 51,  has been set for its first hearing on March 6th.  AB 51 - Employment discrimination: enforcement - Gonzalez
  • Assemblyman Jay Obernolte:
    Assembly Bill 21- Driver's licenses: veteran designation.
    Provides that all veterans are exempt from the fee to have a "veteran" designation placed on their driver's license or identification card. The veteran designation allows veterans to access veteran benefits as well as utilize veteran discounts without needing to carry their discharge papers (DD-214), an important official military document.
    Assembly Bill 28- High school diplomas: State Seal of STEM.
    Establishes a State Seal of STEM to recognize high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. The bill would establish criteria for the receipt of the State Seal of STEM, would require the Superintendent of Public Instruction to prepare and deliver to participating school districts an appropriate insignia to be affixed to pupil diplomas or transcripts, and would require participating school districts to maintain appropriate records and affix the appropriate insignia to diplomas or transcripts of recipient pupils.
    Assembly Bill 394 - Exemption Bill to Fast-Track Fire Safety Escape Routes
    California has seen record numbers of wildfires in the past few years, causing mass devastation to the residents of this state. According to census data, California leads the nation by large numbers when it comes to people living in high-risk fire areas with 2,044,800 households at high or extreme risk from wildfires. Assembly Bill 394 will exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) narrowly defined projects recommended by the Board of Forestry that improve safety in fire-prone subdivisions identified as lacking sufficient egress routes.
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  • Operations Manager @ The Mall of Victor Valley

  • POSITION TITLE:                            Operations Manager    
    LOCATION:                                      Property Based
    FLSA STATUS:                                  Salaried Exempt
    BONUS POTENTIAL:                       This position is bonus eligible
    REQUIRED TRAVEL:                      0-10%
    ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Work is performed in a standard office environment
    REPORTS TO:                                   Senior Manager or Manager, Property Management
    Position Description:  The Operations Manager is responsible for the cost effective operation, care, preventative maintenance, and long-term preservation of the physical assets of the property.  The Operations Manager enhances the value of the property by managing and directing all assigned direct reports or vendor based resources to provide a pleasant, attractive and safe environment for customers and retailers.  The Operations Manager communicates and coordinates with all other departments, retailers, corporate partners and governmental agencies, as necessary, in order to achieve results.  It is the responsibility of the Operation Manager to ensure all Corporate Programs related to property operation are installed and working as designed. The Operations Manager partners with the Senior Manager, Property Management in the development and implementation of all strategic initiatives and any other mall related programs, as required.
    Core Functions:
    Physical Assets

    • Supervise, per agreements, all in-house and/or outsourced service providers in the routine performance of the Landlord’s housekeeping and maintenance work.
    • Implement and administer all preventative maintenance programs, including all required log and records with service providers.
    • Oversee all physical assets to ensure that they are maintained to required standards in the most economically efficient manner.
    • Conduct required, regular inspections of all common area facilities/systems and report results to the Property Manager.    
    • Review building operations and procedures and provide advise/guidance/recommendations on mechanical and construction related issues to ensure corporate programs are being followed.
    • Spot check and inspect to ensure all contracted service providers are meeting all contract provisions and Landlord standards.
    • Inspect and communicate property policies and procedures to tenant to ensure compliance of general aesthetics, standards of the common area, merchant storefronts, mall related physical issues and any special operational problems or activities.  Respond to tenant inquiries, complaints and/or suggestions. 
    Sustainability and Energy Control
    • Supervise the field implementation of the Macerich Sustainability and Strategic Energy Plan: to track and conserve energy use, protect the environment, lower utility costs, monitor and report on policies and practices, and promote social responsibility.
    • Manage all energy management systems to ensure daily optimal operational efficiency. This includes ensuring that all EMS programs and systems are operating as designed, the proper operation and maintenance of the physical assets of the system, vendor software maintenance and upgrades, and the correct scheduling of lights, HVAC, all other appropriate applications
    • Assist the Property Manager with the development/creation of the annual operations expense forecast and related financial goals.
    • Review and approve all financial and expense documentation, as directed by company policy. 
    • Manage the administration of approved budgets with a proactive approach to identify opportunities for improved performance and cost savings within center’s operations.  Focus on minimizing expenses by efficient use of work force and materials; ensure compliance to corporate procurement programs where applicable.
    Capital and CAM Projects
    • Develop with the Property Manager all owner and capital expense forecasts.  Help identify and update capital planning needs for the property.
    • Maintain documentation and copies of all CAPEX, construction and other project bids processes, as directed by company policy.
    • Manage all capital and owner related construction issues/projects, reporting progress throughout project to the Property Manager.
    • Actively manage the negotiation, approval, and monitoring of all executed contracts.
    Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Programs
    • Be fully responsible for the implementation and compliance of the EHS and safety program to include administration, management, and tacking all aspects of the program.  Communicate with tenants regarding hazardous waste, asbestos, and emergency procedures,  Review (with documentation) all environmental policies with mall employees and TFS Providers, to include MSDS, hazardous waste, chemical inventory and emergency response.
    • Serve as the primary role of the mall safety coordinator.  Provide leadership for the company’s safety programs and policies, enforce all employee safety regulations, and conduct safety meetings with written minutes.
    Tenant Coordination 
    • Manage all tenant and landlord buildout construction projects.  Serve as the primary liaison, managing relationships between mall team, merchants, contractors, architects, inspectors and local agencies and officials. 
    • Maintain knowledge of local building codes, permit processes and current environmental issues, as related to the property.
    • Maintain working knowledge of blue line drawings and required processes, to include Autodesk Design Review.
    • Conduct pre-construction and subsequent follow-up meetings with tenant contractors to regulate compliance with Rules & Regulations, specific lease requirements and timely completion of construction, as stipulated by Tenant Coordination.
    Requirements and Qualifications:
    • Minimum of 7 years combined experience in facility operations and commercial construction, preferably in retail real estate sector
    • Be highly self-motivated, able to prioritize multiple tasks with ease; be attentive to detail and embrace a culture of cooperation and collaboration
    • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, to include Work, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
    • Ability to learn quickly and be comfortable with internal software systems like Unifier and 24/7
    • Must demonstrate/utilize professional performance in personnel management and motivation.
    • Must demonstrate/utilize professional skill level in communications, both written and oral.
    • Must possess a thorough knowledge of property operations, construction and development related areas.
    • Be a self-starter and require little motivation and supervision.
    • Must have a valid driver’s license
    • Ability to lift up to 20 lbs.
    • Ability to climb vertical ladders in excess of 20 feet.
    • Must be able to read blueprints.
    • Employee must have the physical capability to perform all core functions of the position.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the core functions of the job.
    Competencies Important to This Job
    Interpersonal Competencies
    • Fostering Teamwork:  As a team member, demonstrates the ability and the desire to work cooperatively with others on a team.
    The following core competencies are shared by all Macerich employees
    • Collaboration:  Develops, maintain, and strengthens collaborative relationships inside and outside the organization.
    • Communication:  Listens actively and expresses self clearly in conversations and interactions with others; expresses self clearly in business writing to effectively reach the audience.
    • Results Orientation:  Prioritizes projects to meet required deadlines. Carefully manages several projects at once, focusing on the desired end result of one’s work.
    • Thoroughness:  Ensures that work is complete and carefully reviews the accuracy of information in their work.
    • Flexibility:  Open to different and new ways of doing things; willing to modify one’s preferred way of doing things.
    • Adaptability:  Adaptable to the changing nature of the business.
    All Macerich employees are expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity, mutual respect, professionalism and a commitment to working in partnership with our key stakeholders (guests, customers, business partners, and co-workers).

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